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I wanted to send you this letter of appreciation. It has now been six years since Evan’s death and about four years since I began receiving the monthly workers comp payments. I reflect back on your knowledge, your professionalism and your ability in handling my case and I am truly grateful. The case was complicated by the fact that Evan was a diplomat, employed by the State Department and was injured in Slovenia on a Sunday. It was not a clear case when we began yet we prevailed not only in the hearing but on two appeals which more than doubled the award. You had the experience to know when to push and what to say. Since I am an attorney, I had thought at one time that I might handle the case entirely myself. I am so glad I thought better of the plan and hired you. I receive annual small increases so my yearly income is now more than $50,000. It makes such a difference in my overall well being and provides a certain comfort for my painful loss. Again, thank you so much.

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