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How To Apply For Divorce In Ontario

How do I apply for divorce in Ontario? Divorce mediation is voluntary, meaning the only way to get through the process is agreeing to bring your opposing opinions together in good faith. This case does not mean you have to fake a cordial relationship with the soon-to-be-ex, but both should want to be present for an amicable resolution.

How can I get a divorce in Ontario?

The only divorce process in Ontario uses the court system to decide how each of you continues to live your life. The government has a say in your divorce by choosing how you share property and raise the children. Consider the following alternative to divorce, with more agreeable results.

Set the goals

How do I apply for a divorce by myself? What are the issues you want to contest? Does your spouse want fair alimony or child support? Divorce is not final until you decide and foresee how you wish to continue living life. You may leverage the preparation process to get what you want faster.

Think about the limits

What is the farthest you are willing to negotiate before starting a court process? Set reasonable hard limits but do not expect each one to manifest. However, the final decision will be equitable to all parties; hence, neither one will be losing or winning. Positive Solutions works towards fair resolutions that are in your best interest and cause the least stress.

Gather the right paperwork

Lastly, you should have the proper paperwork for a successful mediation. Examples of excellent paperwork include the following:

  • Tax returns
  • Pay stubs
  • Debts and assets
  • Prenuptial agreements

Stages of mediation

The number of mediation stages depends on your particular case, leading to more extended resolutions for some. Here is how to go about pursuing the case with a mediator.


The first stage is about expressing your situation's background to the mediator. We explain and suggest agreements that will help you work on a common agenda throughout the mediation.

Gather data

Collecting information may start during the introduction stage or afterward. This stage presents the documents mentioned earlier, alongside other fundamental details like the life insurance policy and the policy number. The mediator will suggest ways to find missing documents from relevant offices to speed up the process. It is best not to push the process with full facts because we need them to address their particular interests.


The negotiator helps each spouse dictate the reasons for divorce and separation to determine the goals, values, and concerns with the highest priority. In most mediation cases, some high-priority interests are the children, debt, and property division. The focus is to work together with both spouses, to reduce the time and money spent on the process.


The mediator emphasizes the problem-solving aspect to find a win for both parties. The tentative agreement becomes a written record that is presentable in court. Do you think mediation is the right choice? Contact (888) 779 - 8777 to determine how our services help your case and how much it costs to get a divorce in Ontario.


How To Apply For Divorce In Ontario
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How To Apply For Divorce In Ontario
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