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Karie Rothschild
Office Manager

Karie Rothschild

After Weber State University, Karie Rothschild attended The Hartford's certification program in commercial insurance and worker's compensation.  After 7 years in the field of insurance and risk management, she ventured into various entrepreneurial endeavors that included starting, buying, and selling two small businesses; one of which was an aerospace fastener distributor company. During this time, she co-founded and sat on the Board of Directors of Cancer Hope Foundation. In addition, Karie is a passionate speaker about domestic human trafficking and victim advocacy.

Karie's commitment to the disadvantaged led her to become certified in medical lab assisting, phlebotomy, first aid, and Reiki. While volunteering at the Veteran's Administration laboratory, she saw first-hand the immense deficiencies in care afforded to our veterans. In 2014, she became part of Brown & Goodkin.   She is proud to serve federal/civilian employees, many of whom are also veterans.  Having recently become an empty nester, she is headed back to school to eventually attending law school.  She hopes to be able to contribute to make real change for federal/ civilian employees in a way that will be lasting.   

Her passions are her children, her grandbabies, her nine siblings, justice, science, her friends, music, writing, travel, and poetry.  She believes every day alive is a lucky day.