How We Help

How We Help

If you are a federal civilian worker who needs an employee lawyer – Brown & Goodkin can help. If you are a federal employee with a dispute against your employer, you may need a federal employment lawyer. Brown & Goodkin represents all federal employees in all three branches of government (executive, legislative, and judicial), as well as U.S. Postal Service employees.

Whom We Help

We work with federal employees in their various types of employment disputes relating to injuries and disabilities, retirement, firings or other adverse personnel actions, and discrimination.

We also represent certain non-federal “employees” who are also covered by FECA for work-related injuries and diseases. These exceptions include unpaid volunteers for federal institutions and offices, state and local police who may be injured while apprehending federal criminals, federal petit or grand jurors, Peace Corps and VISTA volunteers. Please contact us with any questions regarding these special cases.

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Our Practice Areas

If you are a non-military federal employee, you may need a federal employment lawyer to handle your workers comp, disability retirement or wrongful termination claim. Brown & Goodkin is here to help you in these areas:

  • Workers Compensation
  • Disability Retirement
  • Wrongful Termination
  • Discrimination
  • Other Employment Law Issues

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