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Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Melody Robers at Schmitt Law Firm is a highly sought-after motorcycle accident attorney in Kansas City and has helped many clients recover millions of dollars in settlement. Her aggressive approach and unparalleled negotiation and analytic skills play a pivotal role in helping victims seek the compensation they deserve without any delays. Here are the top five core reasons why you should call a lawyer if you or your loved one faces injuries in a motorcycle accident:

1. An attorney can help determine the worth of your claim

Even to submit the claim to the insurance company, you must know the financial compensation you can request from the at-fault party. Our best Kansas City car accident lawyers possess extensive knowledge of the Missouri statutes, the insurance industry, and plenty of experience in handling car accident claims. We will examine your medical records, lost income, damages, injuries, and other financial losses and calculate a fair value for your claim. An attorney plays a critical role when assessing non-economic damages like pain and suffering, which can be hard for you to estimate without legal knowledge or prior experience. 

2. An attorney can strengthen your claim

As a victim, you may not have the resources or the time or the expertise to build a strong claim. The best Kansas City car accident law firms have their own team of medical experts, private investigators, legal assistants, accident reconstruction specialists, etc., who will work on gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses, and offering expert testimony. These resources can strengthen your claim and can help you receive maximum compensation for your losses and injuries fast.

3. Protects your rights

As the #1 Kansas City car accident law firm, our primary goal is to educate you on your legal rights and protect them during the insurance claim process. While the at-fault party's insurance adjuster will try his/her level best to make you say something, which could minimize/invalidate their client's liability, you need an attorney to look out for you. Our Kansas City, MO, car accident lawyer, possesses plenty of experience in holding negotiations with the insurance companies and knows the common tricks used in the business. Talking to an attorney can safeguard your right to seek financial compensation and educate you on how to talk to the at-fault driver or his/her insurer.

4. Can help you receive a fair compensation

Insurance companies will be in a hurry to make you settle for a low offer, which means you need an attorney with exceptional negotiation skills to force the insurance company to provide reasonable compensation. It is critical to meet with a car accident attorney if the insurance adjuster refuses to pay adequate compensation for your damages, losses, and injuries. 

5. Possesses in-depth knowledge of the Missouri accident laws

A motorcycle accident attorney's in-depth knowledge of the Missouri statutes, laws surrounding negligence and personal injury, comparative negligence, etc., can help you prove the at-fault driver's liability and recover compensation a lot faster.

Contact Schmitt Law Firm for a free consultation at 816-400-1000. Your search for the #1 motorcycle accident attorney ends here. Melody Robert's in-depth knowledge of Missouri's traffic and accident laws can help you receive a favorable case outcome sooner than you expect. 

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