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The Importance of Federal Disability Attorneys

Daniel M. Goodkin March 15, 2013

Getting hurt on the job is no accident, as statistics indicate that many on the job injuries occur due to employee or employer carelessness in regards to safety knowledge and training. For anyone injured on the job, it is of the utmost importance to hire a federal disability attorney immediately. There are certain instances, however, when you may not need an injury attorney, such as if your injury is minor and your doctor does not anticipate any permanent injury.

Of course, an individual not trained in law is not the best resource in self-evaluating the situation, so if you are injured on the job you should at least consult an attorney immediately so that your claim is presented in the best way possible from the outset.

In some cases, prior injuries or off the job injuries due to personal activities are not covered, but in the federal system, there is no apportionment. This means that if your medical condition was contributed to in any way by your work duties, including making a preexisting condition worse, you will be covered under FECA.  If you are injured, let your employer know the details immediately and follow the advice of your physician when it comes to letting your injury heal. This can effect your long-term ability to work in general, and will definitely affect your health in the long-run.

Overall, it is best under general circumstances to hire or at least consult with a federal disability lawyer to receive full compensation and to better understand the actions you can take, and how the laws work for you - the individual person. Also, don't wait or hesitate, because the longer you do, the more difficult it will likely be to receive your proper compensation while you recover.