Practice Areas

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If you are a non-military federal employee, you may need a attorney to handle your workers comp, disability retirement or wrongful termination claim.

Workers Compensation

The rights of injured workers to receive compensation for lost pay, medical bills and rehabilitation after an industrial injury are governed by workers' compensation and related laws. Each of the states has a workers' compensation system, and there are several federal laws that cover industrial injuries.

Disability Retirement

This is an ‘early-out’ option for federal employees disabled either due to industrial injuries and diseases, or for non-industrial reasons.

Wrongful Termination

The rights of employees to continued employment, promotions, etc. are governed by many laws, both state and federal. This office is primarily involved with protecting the rights of federal civilian employees. Such employees, working for the United States government, generally have the right to continued employment unless the employing agency can prove that there is “just cause” for termination. Such employees have appeal rights for all serious “adverse actions” taken against them by their employer, including terminations, lengthy suspensions without pay, demotions, etc.


The law prohibits discrimination in employment that is based on race, sex, age, religion, national origin, disability, or reprisal for prior EEO activity. This includes sexual harassment, and creating or allowing a work atmosphere that is hostile to those of a particular protected class of employees. If you require an EEOC attorney, we can help.

Other Employment Law Issues

Our office has also been involved in other miscellaneous federal employment disputes – such as winning reinstatement for employees wrongly terminated for whistleblowing, obtaining federal group life insurance benefits to heirs of deceased employees, winning reinstatement for employees fired after sustaining on-the-job injuries, etc.