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  • Does your firm represent personal injury cases for postal workers or other government employees who may be entitled to workers comp or disability retirement?
  • Have you been looking for a firm who takes cases for injured workers employed by the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT?
  • Have you been looking for a knowledgeable federal employment law firm who pays referral fees ?

Look. No. Further.

Federal Employment Law. . . that's all we do!

  • Federal Workers Compensation
  • Discrimination, Wrongful Termination (EEO/MSPB)
  • Schedule Awards
  • Federal Disability Retirement
  • Overpayment Evaluations & Negotiations

Interested in referring a FEDERAL EMPLOYEE?

Here's how it works:

  • CONTACT US!  Complete the form below or call (805) 496-9777.
  • We contact you first to discuss the potential case.
  • We reach out to the (potential) client to gather detailed intake info.
  • Potential clients receive a free phone consultation with the attorney.
  • If retained, we pay referral fees, provide disclosures, and request tax information.
  • We refer clients back to you for matters outside our purview.
  • We follow the Rules of Professional Conduct for Fee Sharing, so it NEVER costs clients more for being a referral.
  • We track all prospective clients, including referrals, so you will ALWAYS be credited as the referring attorney!

Refer a case to Brown & Goodkin!

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What type of law do you practice?

Do you practice in a field of law that may benefit one of our FEDERAL EMPLOYEES?

Sometimes, our clients need qualified legal assistance in a specialized area of law outside our area of expertise.

Other times we receive calls from folks who are not FEDERAL EMPLOYEES.

If you are a licensed attorney anywhere in the United States and specialize in an area of law that may benefit one of our clients, please drop us a line and tell us about yourself !

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