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Weed In Georgia

Although many states of legalized the use of marijuana, it is still illegal in some places, including Georgia. The state of Georgia has pretty strict laws in regards to possessing and using marijuana. There is an act in place that will allow some patients to use CBD oil with a small amount of THC in it. However, this is typically done in medical cases and not seen as the same as recreationally using marijuana. If you are caught with weed in Georgia, you might have to face some pretty hefty consequences, and you should get in contact with Criminal Defense Matters for the proper help.

What Happens If I’m Caught With Weed In Georgia?

Since Georgia has strict laws about weed use and possession, it can be bad news if you are caught with it. The consequences you face will depend on how much weed you have and what you are doing with it. No matter your reasons, it is essential to find an attorney at Criminal Defense Matters. Their attorneys will always put you first while providing top of the line service.


If you are found with more than an ounce, it is considered a felony, and you could be looking at ten years in jail. Less than an ounce is just a misdemeanor, but you will be paying a thousand dollar fine or spending a year in jail. However, if you have over ten pounds of weed, it will be seen as trafficking, which comes with an entirely different set of laws.


Trafficking marijuana, no matter how much is in your possession, is a felony. If you have anything that is ten pounds or less, you could be spending one to ten years in jail, but you will likely not have to pay a fine. Between ten and two thousand pounds will come with five years of jail time and a mandatory one hundred thousand dollar fine. Two thousand to ten thousand pounds will see you spending up to seven years in jail and paying two hundred and fifty thousand dollar fine. Trafficking over ten thousand pounds comes with the heaviest consequences; fifteen years in prison and a mandatory fine of one million dollars.


While medical marijuana has not been legalized in Georgia, there are ways to use cannabis with a low level of THC. Technically, you can have up to twenty ounces of CBD oil with a very low level of THC. While THC causes the high, you aren’t likely to feel many effects with such a low amount. Despite it being legal, there are no clear laws about how to obtain it.

Criminal Defense Matters

If you are arrested for weed use in Georgia, no matter how much you have or why you have it, your first step should be to get in touch with Criminal Defense Matters. The experienced attorneys can help you, and they will fight for your rights. You can contact them at (404) 567-5515.

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